What would you like me to talk about?

I want to write more often.

More specifically, I want to share more often. And one of the ways I feel as though I can most effectively do that is via my blog. This post is the first I’ve made in a very very long time. I do not have a good reason for neglecting it for so long. One of the reasons I fail to post more often is because I’m not sure what it is you’d like me to talk about and discuss. Generally speaking I’m a pretty open book, any of you that have participated in my Q&A’s on Instagram know that. But one of the reasons I do not write more often is because I’m never too sure what to write about.

So I’d like to be told. I’m going to rely on user input to decide what I write about, what I share, and how often. Sometimes I worry that my social media accounts aren’t painting a complete picture of me, and represent only an idealized version of my life. It’s not all big smiles, gym workouts and modelling tear sheets. And cats. I feel like the longer form of writing allows me to expand on my actual thoughts on things, rather than the quick hits/fix that social media provides.

Generally speaking, I want to commit to creating and sharing more content with all of you, via this blog and beyond. As you may have seen in my Costa Rica Vlog on my YouTube channel, I really like creating videos, and one of the barriers to me doing them more often is quite frankly I don’t really know what y’all want to see from me.

So let this post serve as your sounding board. What would you like to see me talk about and share with you? I am looking for suggestions so that I can make this happen with greater regularity. I’ve been blessed with a lot of kind, loyal and funny followers and I welcome the opportunity to take your input and produce more of what you’d like to see. Please leave your suggestions below and I’ll read and respond to them, and hopefully use them to create better and more interesting content for all of you!

Image for this blog post courtesy of Barrington Orr