About Kyle

Writing about yourself is hard.

The key question I keep coming back to is what do visitors of this website really want to know about me? I mean if you're here, you probably know that I am a model and an actor. And if you already know me you probably know that I'm into fashion, technology, photography etc. as well. But how did I get here?

In 2015 I left a long career in the nightclub business to pursue a new version of happiness, which was, as-of-then, yet to be defined. I just knew it was time for something else. And in early 2016 that something else turned out to be a shot at love on a reality TV Show that some of you may be familiar with, The Bachelorette Canada.

That led to being signed by an agency in Toronto (B&M) and quickly and fortunately finding work as both a model and an actor. That has continued ever since. I now have representation in almost every major market including New York and Miami, London, Germany, Spain and beyond.

One of my main passions is Fashion, or more specifically how men like me (Big and Tall) can find great fashion, and my interest in that field led to me starting an online fashion blog called 48Long.com in late 2017.

I wish this began to summarize things properly but the truth is life is a whirlwind for me, and that is why this website exists. To let you in on the day-to-day of my life, should you be curious.

Kyle Andrew