Talking Social Media on the Open Roll Podcast

So once again I was contacted to be a guest on the Open Roll Podcast with Jurgen Rudolph and this time we were talking about social media. We actually did a full episode together and then I recorded some bonus content for him. It’s always such a good time getting together with Jurgen and Kim and talking about the art of business with them both.

Below you can find links to both episodes:

Episode 54 of the Open Roll PodcastGrow your social media with Kyle

Episode 55 of the Open Roll PodcastBeing seen on your social media with Kyle

If you are interested in listening to past episodes of the Open Roll Podcast on which I’ve been the guest or guest host:

Episode 13 of the Open Roll PodcastA photographer is worth an interesting 1000 words

Episode 24 of the Open Roll PodcastAn Income Statement review – Kyle chats with Jurgen