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Our world is changing rapidly.
The pace of change can be dizzying. Are you keeping up? Is your business?
The landscape of social media can be both confusing and exciting at the same time. All too often, the responsibilities of social media management falls into the lap of a person or employee who only passively maintains the presence, simply so that you can say “yes we have a social media presence”.
Unfortunately that is no longer good enough. A poorly maintained presence is often worse than no presence at all.
A properly managed social presence is something to be cultivated, nurtured and grown to become your most powerful and versatile point of contact with your customers, future customers and community at large. Social media marketing is much more cost effective than traditional marketing such as print advertising, radio ad buys and television commercials. While all have their place in a properly structured marketing plan, many companies waste an irresponsible amount of their marketing budget on old school methods while the world rapidly changes around them. We consume content differently now – isn’t it time you started creating it differently to match?
Whether you need a fully managed social media presence including content creation and curation, or simply a growth account to take the content you provide and ensure that more people see it, I am here to help.
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Has your business not yet taken the jump into the world of social media? Not sure where to begin? I can help. I would be happy to sit down with you and strategize your entry into this exciting new world of marketing opportunity. I will explain why the time is now, and why you have to start taking social media seriously.
We will discuss content creation, how you will be involved directly, how you can leverage these services in the future, and a long term strategy for the incredible audience we will grow together. More importantly, I will explain to you the advantages of shifting your marketing efforts to the world of social media, and how it sets you up for future success.
Finally, we will chart a path of future growth and together leverage the audience we will build together to extend your brand’s reach, engage with more customers and future customers, and extend your services.

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For some of you, creating compelling online content is not only something you enjoy doing, but something you’re good at. But many times this content goes unseen because you are having trouble growing the size of your audience.
And sadly, many ‘social media marketing’ companies spend endless hours creating content that no one ever see’s, for accounts that never experience growth. Let me be very clear: if your audience isn’t growing, your money is being wasted. The prettiest content in the world is meaningless if no one see’s it. If you’ve hired a company to manage your social media and they fail to grow your audience as well, you need to re-evaluate your future with them immediately.
We will grow your audience via niche targeting, geographical location, interests or all of the above.
No fake followers. No useless number padding. Real audience that you can engage with and expose your brand to.
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If your business is large enough to manage your social media in-house, perhaps you are only seeking out an opinion on the direction you’re headed. Available for consulting roles and team-educational services, Kyle can train your staff and your management team on social media best practices, as well as work with you to develop a long term strategy to reach your goals.

Concerned with your seemingly inflated marketing budget? Not getting the results you expected? Allow me to review your strategy and provide you with a full report for consisting of future strategy. cutting costs and increasing effectiveness.

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