On Set with George Richards Big and Tall Menswear

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Last week I was in studio (sort of) and on location for two full days of shooting with Grafton Fraser for the Fall/Winter campaign for George Richards Big and Tall Menswear. We actually didn’t shoot anything in the studio this time, as we creatively used the spaces around their head office for the first half of day one, then the rest of that day we moved to Toronto Island to shoot, and the second day was done there as well.

I didn’t get a TON of behind the scenes content of the actual shooting, as I must be respectful of the fact that this campaign hasn’t launched yet. But I did grab some so I hope this provides a bit of insight into the kind of things that go on during one of these long multi-day shoots.

Here are some relevant links from this video:

George Richards

The Upper Deck Bar on Toronto Island (we not only were fed here, but we did several shots inside as well!)

My buddy Coleman’s awesome website LietCo, I did end up meeting for coffee with him

The Photographer from this shoot, Nick Krasznai

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