Tour of the Hamilton Animal Shelter

This morning I had the pleasure of touring the Hamilton Animal Shelter with Councillor Aidan Johnson (Ward 1) and Ken Leendertse from the City of Hamilton. We were there for several hours with the purpose of trying to come to a greater understanding of what role the shelter plays in our city. I was there, of course, to put visuals to the lessons learned.

I will be honest with you, I expected to leave with a broken heart, and in all likelihood to shed a tear afterwards as I sat in my car. I truly had no idea what I was walking into. Instead, I left there with a huge smile on my face, overwhelmed by the incredible work that has been done with precious few resources by the people involved, thrilled to learn that they operate the shelter in a manner which other shelters look to as a model for efficiency, and with the hope that their future initiatives will be supported by our city so that they can continue to refine the incredible organization that they run.

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Project Wrap Up: True Hamiltonian Website

A lot of people might not know this, but a large chunk of my business is actually creating web presences for companies in need, or upgrading what they have along with social media marketing long term. I tend to agree to projects that also feature my original photography, and when friend and local celebrity Max Francis approached me about giving his apparel company True Hamiltonian an online presence, I jumped at the chance to create something with him.

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The Ward 3 Series: Vintage Coffee Roasters

Anyone that has paid attention to my photography over the years probably realizes how much I love my city. I live in the same city (Hamilton Ontario) that I was born in, and I have no intentions of leaving. This summer, I will be celebrating my first decade as a home and property owner here, and my roots are firmly planted. As my work beckons me to travel more frequently, I can’t imagine having a better place to return to than Hamilton. And more specifically, Ward 3.

As previously stated, I have called Ward 3 my home now for nearly a decade. I’m essentially located right in the heart of it, and in the decade I’ve been here I’ve seen my neighbourhood transition rapidly. We are now flooded with new home owners, young couples from Toronto who have begun to recognize the value (despite our surging real estate market, there are still incredible bargains) in this area, the charm, and the incredibly generously sized old homes. Just recently, the Huffington Post called this one of the Hottest Neighbourhoods in the entire country, and I can’t disagree.

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Live Music – This Ain’t Hollywood

Live music is something I’ve always wanted to shoot more of. As a former bar manager, I was exposed to some incredible music for many years on end. Recently, as part of a web design project I’ve been working on with a friend and an enormously talented musician, I went out to take some photos to use for the creative end of the project. I visited a very popular local live music spot called This Ain’t Hollywood and was fortunate enough to take in some musicians who are used to playing on a much larger stage.

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Sony G Master Sample Photos

On the heels of the announcement of their step into high end professional lenses for their coveted FE mount cameras, the sample images taken with these new lenses are starting to trickle out online. Unfortunately I have yet to obtain any review units, but I’m hoping that will come to fruition soon enough. In the meantime, I am compiling a list of all the sites posting the sample images so that you can see what has been created with them thus far.

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