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Photos – Metro Toronto Zoo
June 16th, 2011 under Photography. [ Comments: 1 ]

Having purchased Canon’s venerable 70-200 2.8 IS II lens about a month ago, I’d been seeking something to shoot that would really put it to the test. Yesterday on a last second whim my girlfriend and I decided to hop in the car and make the drive to the Metro Toronto Zoo. I was fearful that the 70-200 wouldn’t have the reach I really wanted on my 5D MK II but its the longest lens I have and so I thought I’d give it a shot. Its a fantastic performer, and I’d love to give it a whirl on a 1D MK IV. Maybe I’ll get the MK V when it comes out. For now, here are the best of the images I managed to grab yesterday, I hope you like them.

Jock Block Debuts on YouTube (finally!)
April 15th, 2011 under Random Shit, Sports, Uncategorized. [ Comments: 1 ]

So last year myself, my girlfriend and some other friends helped out as cast members in Science Media Lab’s preparation for the Hamilton 24 Hour Film Festival. I’d been waiting a while to see the end results put online, and finally its surfaced! I hope you enjoy!

Finally some new Photos
April 8th, 2011 under Photography. [ Comments: 1 ]

So last night I was thrown out of my house by my GF who was using my place to host a Fantasia party, a magical gathering where women put things in each others Vagina’s and then later decide if they were effective enough to purchase. This worked out okay mind you, because I had work things to take care of that didn’t involve sitting at home. I also decided to toss my camera in my trunk while I was out and about, which turned out to be a good decision.

As you’ve witnessed here before, I’m a fan of foggy weather. I also happened to be suitably motivated enough to pull my camera out while driving around, and I’m pretty pleased with the results. For you Tech Types who always asked questions about camera settings, all were shot on a Canon 5D MK II with a 28-70L lens. The Tree and Beach Photos were shot at 800 ISO. The Graveyard shot was an HDR combination of 5 exposures. The train tracks, 6400 ISO. All photos were taken hand-held.

Thanks for looking:

iPhone Photo: Bacon and Eggs
February 13th, 2011 under Photography. [ Comments: none ]

Bacon and Eggs at Cora:

overXXXposed 2 Ad
January 9th, 2011 under Photography. [ Comments: none ]

January 6th, 2011 under Random Shit, Uncategorized, Writing. [ Comments: none ]

Fucking random flashes of clarity. Click. You finally get the punchline of the best joke never told.

Never told because every other single fucking person in the universe already knows the joke. Has known it for as long as they can remember.


The absurdity. The great tragedy and the brilliant simple comedy that is your life.

You get the joke, and you smile a small smile… Like the villain who is finally about to die in 3 seconds, and knows it.

3 seconds. Enough time to grin. Come to peace with fate. Accept one’s foolishness and look towards the next step with a steady gaze.

But maybe people who are clever and honest can figure out their own joke way before shit deteriorates to anywhere near that level.

Or sometimes things just click into perspective. For a little while at least.


Have you been eXXXposed?
January 5th, 2011 under Photography. [ Comments: none ]


Time to Die
December 30th, 2010 under Random Shit, Writing. [ Comments: none ]

by Matt “Psychs” Sykes
I saw Time on Watch all wound up tonight
Keeping still, his vigilance apparent
My mission seemed a certain suicide run
But shirk my duty, I daren’t
Tis widely known Time stands still for no man
So a femme must be in the midst
Though unlikely she was present
Seeing the physical agitation of the Wrist

When things were hard
People said the Wrist could bring improvements
They also said he did not abide
Women seeing his spastic movements

Seeing Time and showing off was why
The Band hung around the Wrist
Plus the Wrist had reach, was always armed
And had connections to the Fist
My orders were clear
I was to waste Time and rip apart the Band
And most importantly
Not divulge my connection to the other Hand
So I waited for the Band to lose track of Time
And snuck up while his face was turned
But Time can be crafty and Time can be cruel
Was the lesson I quickly learned
Time turned back just in time
To step aside and clock me in the guts
And with serenity upon his face
Swung his Grandad’s pendulum into my nuts
The Wrist quickly jerked me to the ground
And the Band jumped on me like I was their wagon
I felt Time bind my limbs and force my lips apart
So the Wrist could shove the gag in

Now Time has run out and I’m about to die
So please take this truth to heart my friend
Its not that Time heals all wounds
But that he gets us in the end

What’s Yo Alibi?
December 22nd, 2010 under Bar Stuff, Photography, Random Shit, Writing. [ Comments: none ]

“Got a sec?”

This was at the end of my friend’s work Christmas party. I knew nobody else, and I think my gregarious behaviour unsettled a number of fine professional pickle processing people.

I walked up as this dashing young power couple were having their picture taken, about to leave. I asked “Do you mind having your photo quickly taken with me? Sorry for bothering you, I just need to have a solid alibi for this portion of the night.”

A quick point I’d like to make about Coffee and getting older
December 16th, 2010 under Random Shit. [ Comments: 1 ]

Something occurred to me the other day when I was tweeting about the Starbucks coffee grind I had picked up at the grocery store. I hadn’t made coffee at home in a long while, but as part of my new initiative to regain control of my body, I’ve decided that anything that I consume, as often as possible, should come from my own hands. So instead of going out for coffee, I’ll brew it myself. And because I can experiment with new grinds, beans, what have you, I have a greater confidence in the final product. When taking my first sip of Starbucks Africa Kitamu the other day, it occurred to me how similar coffee is to beer and liquor, and how our perspective on these things changes as we get older.

When I was younger you could throw me in a bar, hand me a Coors light, or a vodka orange juice and off I went. Everything was good and the goal was to get drunk. Same thing with coffee, although I didn’t start drinking it until my early to mid twenties, and it wasn’t often that I ended up sauced. Grab the large cup, toss in an abundance of cream and sugar, and away I went, happy, warm and alert. Now things are very, very different.

First let me state that Coors light is a good, accessible and highly consumable product. As are other beers like Keith’s or MGD. However I encourage many of you to expand your horizons and start experimenting with beers from the many high quality Micro Breweries around the world, and more specifically locally. I am fond of many of the Sam Adam’s products (thanks Gordie) and recently I tried a fantastic German beer at one of my girlfriend’s family members house. The name escapes me, but the lesson in how to drink this beer as well as the robust flavor was a memorable experience. I’ll get back to you with a name, if I can.

Sam Adams beer brand and Highland Park 30

Liquor is the same. If most of us just slowed down, we could learn to appreciate the nuanced differences in flavor from one liquor to another. Sip different vodkas and savor their taste, and you will see why products like Russian Standard and Grey Goose are truly superior to brands like Absolut and Smirnoff. The difference from one Tequila to another is remarkable, and don’t even get me started on Scotch/Whiskey. Do yourself a favor this holiday season, buy a fine bottle of Scotch and invite an old buddy over to your house. Shut off your cell phones, and talk to each other for a couple of hours over a few glasses of the good stuff (neat, of course). Learn to appreciate the effort and craftsmanship that went into the product.

The same holds true of coffee. If you need to put a ton of sugar/cream/milk into your coffee to make it drinkable, its because you’re drinking crappy coffee. Buy a better bean, grind up your own blend, do what you must. Just stop ruining the flavor with additives that aren’t good for you anyways.

I guess you could say that life slows down as we get older, but I choose to look at things differently. I think we learn to relax and appreciate what is around us. I’m 31 now, and if I had to give a piece of advice to the young bucks out there reading this, it would be to slow down from time to time and enjoy the moment. Soak in the flavor of coffee, scotch and life.

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