Project Wrap Up: True Hamiltonian Website

A lot of people might not know this, but a large chunk of my business is actually creating web presences for companies in need, or upgrading what they have along with social media marketing long term. I tend to agree to projects that also feature my original photography, and when friend and local celebrity Max Francis approached me about giving his apparel company True Hamiltonian an online presence, I jumped at the chance to create something with him.

We needed to create something simple and visually impactful so we did a couple of photoshoots that really captured the essence of the brand, and the city in which it was founded. This week the online store will launch and bring the project full circle into the modern age, and allow True Hamiltonian to build as a brand beyond the boundaries of the city in which it was founded #hamont.

One of the more interesting features of the site itself is an Instagram gallery of images that supporters of the brand can actually add to by adding a custom hashtag to their Instagram posts. The website automatically pulls them into the community gallery, and double checks that they are not reposts from the True Hamilton IG account as well, too quell as much repetition as possible. Part of building an online brand is building a community around it, and a feature like this goes a long way towards bringing the community Max has built in our city into cyberspace.

To check out the True Hamiltonian website, click here. Please enjoy some of the photos below that we created for the brand, and a previous post I made with some of the earlier work by clicking here.