Joyeux Noel – Family Christmas 2015

Over the years and as we age, the Holiday season becomes something entirely different in meaning. I’m proud to say that a couple of years ago my family made the commitment to keep the gift giving part of the holidays for the children only. Truthfully, the joy of Christmas is the excitement generated amongst our next generation. But for the adults, its a convenient way to come together and visit those we’ve missed and those we don’t see as often as we should. I am extremely fortunate to have a very large and tightly-knit family (mainly french Canadian which explains the title of this post) who still manage to come together every December 25th for a feast that defies explanation.

Over the years the party has gotten smaller. We used to rent out the hall of a local french church that my grandmother, Lucienne Chouinard was a prominent member of. If I recall correctly, the dinners there used to serve over 100 of us in total. Now however, I have cousins whom have their own grand children, and the logistics of coming together en masse has become impossible.

However I used this year as an opportunity to snap a few pictures of the goings on, to allow those that couldn’t visit to attend if even only in absentia. I wish I had taken more, but my main focus was grabbing some video which I truly hope I have time to play with in the very near future. For now, here is a small gallery of the images I was able to capture. I hope you enjoy, and I hope your holiday season was as wonderful as mine this time around.

(all images captured using the Sony A7R II)