Jamie Foxx on the Tim Ferriss Show


I cannot tell you what to do. I can suggest things to you and hope that perhaps you’ll take me up on my suggestion, but I can’t order you. But I am imploring you to listen to this. This is the entertainer Jamie Foxx on the Tim Ferriss Show. Tim Ferriss, you may not know, is the author of an incredible book called The Four Hour Work Week which is so much more than a book, it is a blueprint to a new way of life. He also has his own podcast, and an army of fans loyal to his human optimization techniques, in which he invents ways to cut through life’s bullshit and get to the meat of living. His podcast is valuable because it is entertaining, optimistic, and fully educational.

But this episode was something entirely different. Listening to Jamie Foxx talk at Tim Ferriss for just over two hours is enthralling. It is like watching a superstar athlete in the zone, in their prime, but way way better. You are listening to the greatest entertainer of this generation in the absolute zone. This is not a podcast interview in any sense whatsoever, this is performance theatre at it’s finest. Listen to his voice tell his stories. The man is playing piano, singing for us, doing impressions, killing flies like he’s fucking Bruce Lee. On a podcast interview. Seriously?

The bar is raised.

You have to listen to this. This man should reset your high watermark for what you consider entertaining. Consume everything he creates because there are none better.

Congratulations to Tim Ferriss, as well, for getting this interview and seeing it through to creation. Tim, you have come incredibly far as an interviewer, and the masterful way in which you did nothing more than steer Jamie’s performance makes you a prolific performer as well. Thank you for quarterbacking this thing to fruition, you’ve done something so much more than simply another podcast episode here. I know I won’t send you but a mere drop in the bucket traffic wise, but you deserve every last drop.

No sense in me blathering on any longer, please visit this link below to listen to the performance of the year, in my honest opinion.

Jamie Foxx on the Tim Ferriss Podcast