Candlelight Stroll in Niagara on the Lake

It can be difficult deciding when to shoot and when to put the camera away, especially when it comes to family outings. Recently I have gravitated towards always carrying my camera with me because you never know when good photos can present themselves. The Sony A7RII makes this decision easy, as I can put the very small 28mm 2.0 lens on the front, and turn it into a longer lens shooting in crop mode if need be. It’s versatile. But when attending family events, how do you approach shooting? Lately, I’ve been approaching it as if I was on assignment, as it keeps me focused and attentive to the ‘job’ at hand. Plus, I know my loved ones appreciate the images. This is a reminder of the importance of photography in our lives. If you have a gift for something, you should share it with people.

If you have never been to Niagara on the Lake you truly have no idea what you are missing. The entire area looks like something out of a movie. I have NEVER seen so many Christmas lights on homes, and such a positive collective of people. During the holiday season they hold something known as the Candlelight Walk where everyone meets in the town square (by my estimation, 5,000 people easily) and then collectively marches through downtown on a set route, all the while observing various choirs and seasonal performances.

My sisters children were involved in one such performance. And so I caught a ride with my mother and father for the evening, and took some snaps. It was a great night out and reminded me of the power of community. Here is a gallery of images from my night.