On stage at the Tivoli with Eric Johnston

Shooting in abandoned or run-down spaces, as you know, is one of my favourite things to do. However shooting in abandoned places of incredible historical significance, that are on the verge of having life breathed back into them is a rare and special occasion I was recently able to take advantage of with my good friend Eric Johnston.

Getting the Shot – Simple One Light Portrait

Moving to proper studio style strobe lighting from available or hot lights is one of the first major hurdles a photographer will cross when transitioning to photography as a career or even just taking your hobby to the next level. However lighting setups do not have to be overly complex, and beautiful photographs, if carefully planned, can be taken with … Read More

My totally non-scientific test of a Sony A7R II

Last week I had the incredible fortune of testing out the latest and greatest camera on the market, the new Sony A7R II. Now this camera has been reviewed, poured over, and dissected by every major media outlet online, but there was something so continually robotic and monotonous about the words I was reading that I was dying to handle … Read More