Open Roll Podcast with Jurgen Rudolph

Recently I had the opportunity to be a guest on the Open Roll Podcast hosted and created by my friend Jurgen Rudolph. I met Jurgen in an old shack in the hills of Costa Rica where he was on the annual extended vacation he takes, presumably, to reset his system. Perhaps being in paradise affected my assessment of the man, but … Read More

Smilin’ Joe Arko

I butchered my own photo by pasting a cartoon sun on top of it. But I can explain. See, every once in a while you get clients that you take from, when you’re supposed to be giving. Sure, Joe Arko and I had an incredible shoot, produced a significant number of compelling images, and everyone left the experience satisfied. He … Read More

My Online and Social Media Strategy

One of the neat aspects of this website, at least from my end, is that I am sharing my professional and personal development with the world to learn from or relate to. I am very very active on Social media both personally and professionally. It is one of the main sources of traffic to my expanding website, and I walk a … Read More

My A7R II is Dead… or is it?

A couple of months ago I made the leap from Canon to Sony by purchasing the A7R II and haven’t looked back since. I quickly became addicted to the images the camera produced. Beautiful high res photos FULL of dynamic range, I hadn’t regretted my decision for a single moment. Tonight however my thoughts on that may have changed as … Read More

Getting the Shot: Biggie Size your Soft Box

You would be amazed by how many different looks you can achieve, photographically, with only one light and a few different modifiers in your possession. Today we look to another studio example of using one light in studio to achieve a beautiful effect. The setup is in fact incredibly simple. It comprises of one flash head (in this case a … Read More

Photographing Awesome

As a photographer, every once in a while we work with a client that helps us beyond being fun and easy to shoot. Recently I shot with a long time friend for the very first time and it was not only an opportunity to create some really powerful images, it was a chance to catch up. And let me tell … Read More

Shoot Happens: Michelle

Today I’m going to begin a new feature on the website that I’m calling Shoot Happens. Basically all this will be is some behind the scenes stories of how some of my photoshoots came to be. While most of the time I am working with clients that have reached out to me for hire, or helping friends with personal projects, … Read More

Getting the Shot – Sunlight in Studio

Recently I wanted to explore creating a nice sunlight effect with some drapery in studio and I enlisted the help of one of my favourite models (and founder of her own website, the Fussy Factor) to do so. While the setup looks very complex, it is actually quite simple and repeatable. Not to mention, something VERY similar can be accomplished … Read More

Getting the Shot – Cracking the Shell

Photographing people can be a really difficult, trying and frustrating process. So very often I meet people, or even just glance at people and instantly realize that they are stunningly attractive, unique looking and would possibly make exceptional photographic subjects. But deciding who and when to do your creatives with is just a small part of the process. The real … Read More

Kittens! A Morning at the SPCA with the Sony A7R II

For those of you looking for a lot of technical information about the Sony A7R II, this is the wrong article for it. I will clear this up from the get-go so that you an read it and move on. However I suggest you don’t as this post is littered (zing!) with adorable Kittens. I volunteer my photography with local … Read More