Around Town – Hamilton Ontario

Earlier today I posted a photo on Instagram I had taken a couple of months ago while I was riding my bike around my city one night. I got two message requests from people wondering if perhaps there were more photos that were similar. There are. At one point or another I’ve posted all of these to social media but I thought perhaps I would consolidate them all right here into one post, at least the ones I’d done recently.

I spend so much time in studio and shooting people that I often forget about the environmental beauty all around us. I live in a medium-large city named Hamilton Ontario (in Canada eh!) and it is currently one of the fastest growing cities in our beautiful country. One of the things I love so dearly about this city is how effortlessly it combines the old with the new. I’m a creature of the night by nature, and sometimes I head out to capture images on a whim.

These are those images. Nothing formally set up here, no tripods, no special equipment. All of these were captured handheld on a Sony A7R II. Enjoy