Volunteering at the Hamilton/Burlington SPCA

Late last year, I reached out to the HBSPCA with an offer to help them create better media and content for their incredible organization. My initial thinking was that better photographs of the animals and more exposure would lead to greater adoption rates. I made it there a couple of times and then life got busy, and before I knew it I found myself travelling for an extensive period and we fell out of contact.

Upon my return, I immediately reached out to the HBSPCA once again, in an attempt to double down on my efforts, explore more of what they do as an operation, and see what areas I could be of the most help in. In addition to creating content for them, I hope to lower their printed material costs, engage in some fundraising activities and help out with social media, since that’s what I do. My first trip back to see and take pictures of the animals was a tremendous success, as in addition to snapping some pics I also managed to go live on Facebook a couple of times.

Live video proved to be a huge success (see the videos on the next two pages), actually seeing the animals move and at play is a big visual appeal, and so far the two videos have been viewed over 3500 times. But let’s not forget that I also took a huge pile of photos as well. And I want to share all of them here to again bring more attention to the cause. Animals can play a huge role in your happiness if you let them. They can enrich your life and give you a renewed sense of purpose. I encourage you to watch these videos, enjoy these photos, and most importantly share this post on your own social media, because the more people that see this work, the more likely these animals are to end up in a forever home.

I can’t wait to continue my work with the HBSPCA, we have so many exciting things coming your way. For now, please enjoy this gallery of images of the kittens at the HBSPCA last week, and if one of them in particular catches your eye, please visit their website immediately and let them know you want to come and meet your new pet! Then click through to the next two pages to see the Facebook Live Videos!


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First, so that people could actually watch what I do when I’m taking pictures of the animals:

Shooting animals at the SPCA!! ❤️

Posted by Kyle Andrew Skinner on Thursday, June 2, 2016

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Second, I had to shoot these adorable puppies (available for adoption this week!) while they were outside joining the entire HBSPCA gang on a lunchtime picnic:


❤️❤️Seven Week Old Lab mixes available at HBSPCA next week!!

Posted by Kyle Andrew Skinner on Thursday, June 2, 2016