True Hamiltonian Shirt Giveaway!


A little under two weeks ago, I was fortunate to be hired by my life-long friend Max Francis to produce a series of gritty images to promote his apparel company True Hamiltonian. It was a last second arrangement and I ventured to the chosen location with a backpack full of gear, ready to shoot… well something. See I knew of only the location, and I arrived to find a crew of people and a kick ass motorcycle. I was pumped, and we set out to produce something memorable. I really love what we came up with.

Max did an incredible job of finding people to wear his gear that truly define the heart of this city, even those that couldn’t make it due to severe hangover (hey, it was a Sunday morning). What a fun bunch to be around they were, and the shoot came off without a hitch. All photos were shot on the Sony A7R II with available light between ISO 640 and ISO 6400. I used the Sony 55mm 1.8 and the 28mm 2.0 and the Canon 70-200 2.8L IS II. We all went out to breakfast afterwards and I completely ignored everyone while I started initial edits on the image to get everyone excited.

But on a less technical note, I want to announce that I am partnering with True Hamiltonian to give away five shirts this holiday season! For the next seven days, if you visit this website and join my mailing list when the pop-up happens, you will be entered into the draw, and if you’re chosen a winner you get to pick out a True Hamiltonian shirt in your choice of size and style!

Additionally, anytime you share one of my website posts to Facebook (via the share link near the top of each post) you will be given another entry to the draw (but you have to sign up to the email list in the first place). We will allow a maximum of five entries per person. So to simplify your instructions.

  1. Visit this website and sign up to my email list.
  2. Share any of my posts publicly to your account via the Facebook share link at the top of any post
  3. Sit back and wait until we do the draw early next week!

Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 6.26.07 PM

That’s it! And now to enjoy the rest of the shoot, here is a gallery of the images we produced on that day!