Random Exhibition: #rainwalk

So last night I went for my evening walk and I essentially got caught in the rain. That is when something remarkable happened, I decided just to stay out there. And the reason I did so was because the sunset was so remarkable at the time, I thought I could make something out of this rare opportunity. So I carried on through my neighbourhood and towards our beautiful new stadium, all the while getting soaked. SOAKED.

But by the time I got home, I knew I had taken a couple of special photos. So I decided to do a Random Exhibition on Instagram, posting a new photo from my #rainwalk every half an hour until 11:30pm last night. I thought it was a fun way to present something like this, and I hope to do this same idea and concept soon. I thought perhaps I would create this post on my website to share a little insight on the process of going from a walk in the rain, to showing the photos online. You can follow me on Instagram by clicking here.

All of these photos were shot on an iPhone 6 and edited on the phone itself in the Adobe Lightroom Mobile app. With the exception of the first one, they were all shot as panorama’s.

This¬†photo was taken just as I got hit by the first drops of rain. I’ve always found this building interesting but had never taken a picture of it. In hindsight, I would have taken this differently but I am still pleased with the result, and it was this photo that inspired me to continue in the pouring rain:


Random Exhibition. Part One of Four – #rainwalk #hamont – Kyle Andrew

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¬†Continuing onward as it got wetter out, I looked back at the sunset which I was walking away from for the first time, which is when I went live on facebook to show everyone the beauty I was seeing. That wasn’t enough though, so I took another picture nearby:


Random Exhibition. Part Two of Four – #rainwalk #hamont – Kyle Andrew

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Still not satisfied, I realized how close I now was to Tim Horton’s Stadium and realized this could be a rare and beautiful photo opportunity. The sun was setting fast and at this point I actually started to run towards my next stop, and thankfully, I grabbed these two photos:


Random Exhibition. Part Three of Four – #rainwalk #hamont – Kyle Andrew

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Random Exhibition. Part Four of Four – #rainwalk #hamont – Kyle Andrew

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I hope you enjoyed these photos, and I hope you don’t mind if I do this little random exhibition thing again in the future!